Office 365


Office 365 is a subscription based software service that replaces the traditional Microsoft Office box product.

As certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Providers, we have migrated literally 1000’s of mailboxes to Office 365 with huge success. With options ranging from ‘mailbox’ only, all the way to the premium business edition which provides all the Microsoft Office range of products in a downloadable format, online storage and much more.

From an operational point of view, the user will notice no difference to the the latest box product option, but behind the scenes functionality is much improved. You can also live at ease with the fact that our solutions are fully backed up, and covered by an enterprise grade spam filter, assuring your data is safe from prying eyes

In addition to this, we also offer on-site to Sharepoint Online migrations, allowing you to collaborate in real time with colleagues, working on the same document at the same time, updating on the fly. This can also be used to replace other cloud hosted file sharing platforms, like Dropbox, allowing you to cut down on your monthly costs by removing unnecessary monthly payments.

We provide migration from a variety of systems to Office 365 and here a are few examples;

Exchange 2003 through to Exchange 2019
POP/IMAP emails accounts.
Gmail / GSuite mailboxes

As for the actual migration, it can be done out of hours with no disruption with users not really noticing any difference to their usual routine. Simple, effective and at the right price.